Downsizing may be a natural and smart choice to make, but that doesn’t make it easy. There are a lot of things to think about.

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Today I want to talk about the topic of downsizing. When the kids leave the nest and it’s just you and your partner left, you may start wondering why you’re still staying in such a big space. When you no longer need a large home, the natural option is to downsize.

However, even once people no longer have a need for such a large space or so many items, it can still be hard to adjust to change. People grow used to living a certain way, which makes downsizing difficult.

Going from a 4,000 square foot house to one of half that size means that half of your personal items will have to go as well. This is something a lot of people have difficulty with.

It’s important to realize that these are the kinds of things you’ll need to be thinking about. The idea of downsizing is good and smart, especially since it sometimes helps people to become debt-free, but it isn’t as easy as many people think.


Another thing that often takes people by surprise is the change in amenities. In a downsized home, the kitchen may not be quite as nice as the one in the previous house. This is just one example.

It really depends on what you buy, but it is possible to find a nice, smaller home in a lower price point.

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